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OK, girls and boys, there has arrived excitement in the Hinrichs household!
From the Sideline

As the Legislative Session edges closer to the crossover recess, many of the bills that are controversial are starting to come to the floors of both houses.
Hat Tips

Hello, If it rains. If it rains. When it rains.
Hat Tips

Hello, I made it through another Super Bowl!
Hat Tips

Hello, I’m not the guy you call when you need something done around the house.
We are all God’s children

I was with the youngest children at church last Sunday when something happened that made me think about Civil Rights Day and the challenges this country has faced.
News from the Senate

The second week of the session has  turned up the pace as most of us have a full schedule of committee work and bills being acted on in the floor sessions.
Check your grain bins

The warm-up the region has experienced in January is certainly welcome, however, it also means that checking your grain bins at this time may be prudent.
Hat Tips

A famous quote, probably more famous than Grandpa’s, “Never buy a horse from a guy that sits in the front pew at church” was Winston Churchill’s, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Posted 11/30/12 Dean Meyer…
Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: I am writing a letter to the editor regarding Measure 5 in North Dakota.
Roll with the changes- Chuchwagons

With all booms if you will,  there is a need for mobile food and services and the Oil Patch is no different other than there are no horses involved like the wild west.
Hat Tips: Oct. 5, 2012

I imagine everyone is getting a wee bit tired of the political ads.