Halloween gets extension in Regent

Halloween’s Treat Street in the St. Mary’s Catholic Church in New England will be one of the holiday activities for Hettinger County children.
Herald photo / Brad Mosher

Staff Report

Students will be celebrating Halloween Oct. 31 throughout Hettinger County.
So will Regent.
But, thanks to the new “School of Terror” in Regent behind the Enchanted Castle, they will get two more days of tricks, treats and maybe a little terror.
The School of Terror will be open Nov. 1 and Nov. 2, starting at 7 p.m. before closing until Oct. 2020.
In addition to having kids games in the old school gym, to old Regent School building where for admission for adults will be $15 and $12 for children up to 19 years of age.
Thanks to Gary Greff, Halloween will last into November.
After the visitors sign waivers and pay admission in the former school gymnasium, the visitors follow a glowing rope past several skulls mounted along the walkway before getting to the actual entrance.
They had to pass a school bus full of skeletons and go to the door where lightning flashed on the outside of the building.
Inside, they had to wait inside with Freddie Kruger checking them out in one corner and a witch giving them an evil eye before they could start going up a creaky flight of stairs with the sounds of screams in front of them.
The fact that the school was not being used prompted Greff to come up with an idea of how to use it again, he explained. “It hadn’t been used for 10 years.”
He said the “School of Terror” is a success and is looking forward to to coming up with the Oct. 2020 version. “A lot of people enjoy the Halloween experience,” he said recently.
“Why not go with it. It seems to be the ‘in’ thing. People seem to like and enjoy it,” Greff said, noting that he decided to give it a shot.

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