The North Dakota International Pageant System is looking for local contestants

The North Dakota International Pageant System is looking for the next Mrs., Miss, Teen, and Pre-Teen contestants in Hettinger, Mott, Regent, and New England
Who do you know that you would like to represent your community?
Pre-Teen: Age 10-12
Teen: Age 13-18
Miss: Age 19-30
Mrs. (Married): Age 21-56
Ambassador: Age 19+
The North Dakota International Pageant System showcases the accomplishments of today’s married women, young women, and teens across North Dakota.
The North Dakota International Pageant System is unique because it is a platform/community service-based competition. Each delegate is required to have a platform. This can be a cause, community service, or charity of choice to represent throughout the year. Our titleholders are distinctive because they are civic minded, passionate, and involved in their communities.

There are no right or wrong platforms. A platform can be a personal project, community service, support for a local charity or organization, or it can involve mission work or other church related activities.
Our mission is to make a difference.

The International Pageant system has been developed to promote the accomplishments of today›s married women, young women, and teens, as well as their commitment to family and marriage. Around the world, women of all ages are finding this system to be an opportunity to work with their family and community to become positive role models. Being the premiere pageant for married women, young women, and teens has given The International Pageant System a chance to open doors for all women around the world. The national event will give each contestant the opportunity to learn about customs and family life in other countries, along with the chance to share her beliefs and make new friends.
The North Dakota International Pageant System creates the supportive community women are looking for to explore their passions, share their story, and make a difference!

NO swimwear! NO talent!
Areas of competition include Interview (private and onstage), Evening Gown, Fitness (not pre-teen), and Fun Fashion (not Mrs.) Our team will help prepare all contestants for each area of competition to represent their best performance for the State Competition on January 17-18, 2020 in Fargo, North Dakota.
If you or someone you know may be interested, please reply to this email for additional information or visit our website at
We are looking forward to meeting the next contestants in Hettinger and Adams Counties!

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