City, people glow after dark

It was hard not to laugh waiting for the start of the 5-Kilometer Glow Run Saturday.
Herald photo / Brad Mosher


Staff Report

Hundreds of people showed up at the old lumberyard in New England, getting covered in colored power, running, walking more than three miles around the city Saturday evening.
It was the annual Edward Schwartz Memorial Glow Run.
There were plenty of activities in the lumberyard, with bounce slides and even a small pool at the e d of one of the slides for the young … or at least the younger at heart.
There were booths for the colored powders,  face painting, clothing which glowed under the black lights in the lumberyard.
There was also a DJ providing music, along with a small food and drink area.
It was a good response from the public, according to one of the organizers.
“We actually are very grateful that even with the weather we had approx 300 people attend throughout the day and evening. Thank you everyone for supporting our community,” organizer Jess Sabo said afterwards in a Facebook post.
The run started at 8:30 p.m., after hours of taking advantage of the inflatable bounce slides as well as a dunk tank.
Although the 5-kilometer course was a loop around the city, each time, the runners and walkers returned to the lumberyard they had to go under lit colored inflatable arches, black lights even before going through a black light tunnel before starting a new loop.


Four runners go under the glowing arches as they enter the lumberyard on one of their laps around town Saturday.
Herald photo / Brad Mosher
For some, the event was more fun than run when New England started to glow Saturday evening.
Herald photo / Brad Mosher



































































































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