Regent’s renaissance festival fades away

The Knights of Mayhem battle at the inaugural North Dakota Renaissance Festival in Regent recently. But the festival closed for the summer on July 22 after its second weekend.
HERALD/Brad Mosher

By Brad Mosher
The Herald

It didn’t last long.
But for several weekends, there was a little taste of a medieval Camelot in Regent.
There will be no more jousting or sword fights behind the Enchanted Castle.
The acrobats and belly dancers will no longer be coming to Regent.
Like the mythic Brigadoon, it has faded into the past.
According to property owner Gary Greff, Randy Jones, the man who dreamed up and organized the Renaissance Festival, has decided to shut it down.
Greff said he was notified by Jones July 22 that the festival would be canceled for the rest of the summer.
The festival had opened July 13 to a good opening day, in spite of sizzling temperatures and little shade in his medieval compound directly behind the Enchanted Castle on property owned by Greff. Jones added large red umbrellas the second day to add to the amount of shade for both participants and visitors.
“I don’t know what he (Jones) is going to do. He didn’t make ends meet I guess, so basically, he just shut her down,” Greff said.
Jones had planned to try to bring more vendors to the festival and said he was still trying to line up more for upcoming weekends.
However, after one more weekend, Jones decided to shut the festival down.
Right after the start of the festival, Jones admitted it may be a tough summer.
He said during the second day with temperatures still in the 90s that he was hoping to add more vendors as the summer progressed.
“A lot of people are like ‘prove it’. I really don’t need to prove it to anybody. I put it on and if it happens, it happens,” he said. He admitted at the same time that he was facing a tough budget to make it through the summer.
Some of the improvements may have to wait until next summer because of budgetary reasons, Jones added. He said it was a medieval version of the chicken or egg where it is hard to get people to come to an event until they know it is happening.
Greff was unsure if Jones would try again next summer after restructuring.
“It sort of fizzled out. Not enough people showed up. So now, he is rethinking, revamping and seeing if he wants to try again or not,” Greff said, noting that he wasn’t really involved in the project other than supplying the land.
“He (Jones) gave it his best shot. All you can do is say he tried,” Greff added.
Now, the medieval compound is closed with everything moved out, the owner of the Enchanted Castle said.


Festival organizer Randy Jones sells food and cold beverages at his renaissance festival during the opening weekend. The festival closed for the summer on July 22.
HERALD/Brad Mosher






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  1. He cannot be contacted “Randy Jones” and the promised refunds are non existent. What do those of us who prepaid do? Vendors and patrons who got nothing for our money?


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