Mott makes disaster declaration

The forest of fallen trees seems to be overflowing in the landfill after the the July 12 tornado caused damage in Mott.
Herald photo / Brad Mosher


Mayor Troy Mosbrucker signed the official Declaration of Disaster shortly after the end of the emergency meeting in the Mott City Hall Monday.
HERALD/Brad Mosher

By Brad Mosher
The Herald


It was unanimous.
After being pummeled by an EF-1 tornado and windstorms July 12 which caused millions of dollars in property damage, the city council held an emergency meeting Monday to approve a disaster declaration.
Only Corey Johnson was not at the meeting, but Kellen Messmer, Mick Wangsvick, Melissa Ried Linger, Michelle Quamme and Gene Steiner each approved the declaration.

Mayor Troy Mosbrucker signed the official Declaration of Disaster shortly after the end of the meeting.
The declaration stated that Mott had suffered “widespread or severe damage and/or loss of property” from the tornado and the windstorms that came with on July 12.
It also stated that “extraordinary measures must be taken to alleviate the suffering of people and to protect or rehabilitate property.”
The declaration stipulated that the state of disaster would continue for up to seven days and could be continued and renewed by the Mott City Council.
According to the document, it “activates the response and recovery aspects of any and all applicable local and or North Dakota state disaster or emergency operational plans.”
In addition, the declaration will help authorize the furnishing of aid and assistance under the North Dakota State Disaster Act.
“That will open avenues for us to receive state funding for the city,” the mayor explained. “There probably would be some grants available through the state now with the declaration of disaster.”
It will mark the second time this year part of Hettinger County has been declared a disaster area, according to Tracy Kruger, the county’s Emergency Management Officer.
The flooding in March qualified the county to be part of a hazard mitigation and public assistance grant to make repairs.



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