Mott 5K reboots after tornado, cleanup

The ninth annual Mott 5-kilometer race got off to a late start – Sunday instead of Saturday – because of an EF-1 tornado hitting the city. HERALD/Brad Mosher


By Brad Mosher
The Herald

Josh Wutske of Bismarck was the first to finish the 5-kilometer run Sunday in Mott. HERALD/Brad Mosher

In spite of a cancellation Saturday, the 5-kilometer race through Mott was resurrected Sunday to make it the ninth straight competition.
It had been canceled in the immediate aftermath of the tornado which hit the city Friday night.
By Saturday evening, the organizers were accepting entries next to the downtown Broken Spokes concert for a rescheduled race Sunday morning.

A familiar face, Josh Wutske, made it back from Bismarck to compete and finish first Sunday. He had a time of 24:09 for the 5-kilometer course which started in front of Mott Armory and went down Brown Avenue before heading west over the bridge into west Mott.
Bailee Beer placed second with a time of 27:59, while Jazlyn Ottmar was timed at 28:23, taking third just ahead of Cole Manolowitz (28:24).
Ariann Doe placed fifth with a time of 29:37, followed by Jordan Ottmar taking sixth in 33:08.
The field of 24 competitors was smaller than the 2018 edition’s 75 participants, according to organizers.
A large number of people who registered didn’t show up at the starting line Sunday in front of the Mott Armory.
“It is better than some of our lighter years,” Holly Ottmar said. “We have had years where everything going right it was less than that. So, that is good.
“We are still getting some ‘on your honors’ coming in,” she added, noting some entrants who will complete the course at a different time and report their result.
The number at the starting line Sunday morning was about two-thirds of what they would normally expect, she said. “Last year, we had close to 75,” she said.”Considering the

Jada Ottmar and Ethan Olson finish together Sunday in front of the Mott Armory after running in the annual Mott 5-kilometer race Sunday. HERALD/Brad Mosher

tornado, rescheduling and hard to communicate with everybody, I think that was awesome today (Sunday).”
The man who won the race Sunday came from Bismarck with his family Saturday, helped with the clean up and then took the family back home Saturday. He left Bismarck at three in the morning to just run the race early Sunday.

“We had only one male runner. We usually had a dozen male runners,” she added. “He (Wutske) takes between first or second every year.”
Marcy Mack and her daughter, Malinda, come from Nebraska every year to run, Ottmar added.
With people signing up for the race at the concert Saturday night, it made it financially viable to go ahead with the race Sunday, according to Ottmar, who also competed in the event. “We were debating whether it was the right thing to do, but we thought if we could at least get some firm numbers … we could at least cover the cost of the majority of our T-shirts. It was the first year we didn’t preregister.”
With the ninth annual run in the books, she also said that soon planning would be starting on number 10.







Arianna Doe heads toward the finish line of the Mott 5-kilometer race Sunday. HERALD/Brad Mosher

Ninth Annual Mott

‘For the Health of It’


5K combined Finishers

1 – Josh Wutske 24:09

2– Bailee Beer 27:59

3 – Jazlyn Ottmar 28:23

4 – Cole Manolowitz 28:24

5 – Ariann Doe 29:37

6 – Jordan Ottmar 33:08

7 – Jace Ottmar 33:55

8 – Hailee Olson 35:11

9 – Kathie Honeyman 37:47

10 – Kristen Foster 37:54

11 – Jada Ottmar 39:51

12 – Ethan Olson 39:52

13 – Megan Hill 41:05

14 – Melissa Rafferty 43:07

15 – Marcy Mack 43:58

16 – Lois Rixer 52:02.6

17 – Linda Swindler 52:02.7

18 – Cameo Olson 52:02.7

19 – Malinda Mack 53:40

20 – Kerry Swindler 54:55

21 – Sara Seidler 55:59

22 – Holly Ottmar 56:00

23 – Tommy Reich 56:46

24 – Isabell Reich 56:46.6


Bailee Beer was the second runner to finish the 5-kilometer race Sunday in Mott.
Jazlyn Ottmar, Jayce Ottmar and Cole Manolowitz run down a muddy road during Mott’s annual 5-kilometer run on Sunday. HERALD/Brad Mosher




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