Hettinger County agency plants a memorial

Hettinger County Commissioner John Plaggemeyer plants a tree to memorialize his predecessor, Roy Johnson, during Thursday’s tree planting in Mott.
HERALD / Brad Mosher


It will be a reminder growing literally for the years of service people have devoted to the people of Hettinger County, according to Doug Wegh.

Wegh, the executive director of the Hettinger County Social Services office on 309 Millionaire Avenue, organized a tree planting ceremony Thursday in the grass area behind the building to honor people who helped the county communities.

A tree was planted with a ribbon attached to provide a memorial, Wegh explained. Later, a more durable metal memorial plaque will be placed by each tree.

Lucy Jacobs and Arloween Jones, who both passed away in the past few months were the first honor. They were followed by Dean Johnson, Lester Brackel, Sebastian Roll, Edmund Kilzer, Rose Soehren, Roy Nelson and Emilie Auer.


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Trees were planted in the area around the Social Service building Thursday in Mott.
Doug Wegh (right) works to help honor some of the people who helped the agency over the past decades in a ceremony Thursday in Mott.
HERALD/Brad Mosher






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