Incumbents stay on board in New England, Mott, Regent


Incumbents Constance Jalbert and Darren Rafferty will remain on the New England Public School Board after both won in Tuesday’s without opposition.
Jalbert’s district included portions of the Strehlow, Teepee Butte, Kennedy and Wagendorf townships in Hettinger County, along with the Carroll and Cedar Creek townships in Slope County and the Darling Springs Township in Adams County. Her term will be for three years. She finished with 21 votes.
Rafferty finished uncontested with 23 votes in the Clark, Havelock, Rifle townships of Hettinger County as well as part of Stark County. He won a three year term.
In addition, The Herald received 20 out of 23 votes to publish a record of the board proceedings as the official paper.


Mott incumbents return

to school district seats
Incumbents Jeremy Ottmar and Garret Swindler were able to return to their school board seats with easy wins in the Mott Precinct June 11.
Swindler had 46 votes, while Ottmar had 40.
There was a handful of write-in candidates, with Don Schaible getting two and Stacy Hertz, Owen Blickensderfer, Randy Friedt and Phyllis Bivins each had one vote.
In the Regent district seat, incumbent Lucas Greff had 38 votes. Curt Honeyman, Sue Gion and Jill Doe each had two write-in votes.
In the Regent precinct, Ottmar and Swindler each finished with 15 votes, while Greff had 17 for the Regent district seat.
The write-ins for the Mott District seat in the Regent precinct were Leon, Friedt, James Thomas, Stacy Hertz, Troy Mosbrucker, Crystal Olson and Bivins, each with one vote.
The only write-in for the Regent District seat was Gion with one vote.




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