Mott gets space visitors

Ten-year old Elaina Ervine of Mott looks through an acrylic disc with meteorites and lunar rocks, with librarian Carol Kunnerup explaining what the meteorites and lunar rocks are doing in the universe.
Herald photo / Brad Mosher


Small pieces of moon rocks and meteorites made a brief visit in Mott June 5 before they returned to Bismarck.

By Brad Mosher
The Herald

They landed at the town’s public library on Third Street and spent an hour there.
They were encased in acrylic discs about eight inches in diameter, both as protection but also as a way that people could more easily view the pieces..
According to Carol Kunnerup, the librarian in Mott, the visit was an example of what she see more for the small community.
“They are priceless. Just think, your are looking at something that has been in space,” she told one of the children who visited the library.
Ten-year old Elaina Ervine looked at the discs through the sunlight coming in from one of the library windows.
First one. Than the other. First the meteorite samples. Then, the lunar samples.
She looked closely at the samples through the acrylic, asking the librarian questions about where they had come from.
Kunnerup told Sampson Swindler “how cool is that?” as he looked through the disc.
“It’s cool,”the ten-year old responded.
“Something like that is flying around between Mars and Jupiter. There is an asteroid belt there and that is where most of these came from,” the librarian told him as he examined the meteorite disc carefully through the sun at the window.
The visit was something special for the community, according to the librarian. “This is about as rural as you can get. This is pretty rural… and yet, we get to have something like that (the lunar rocks and meteorites).
“This is part of our summer reading program and our theme is a ‘Universe of Stories’. It is a space theme that is our over-arching theme. We are trying to do as many STEAM activities, which is Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. We have them all built around that space theme,” Kunnerup explained.
The same lunar rocks and meteorites may not make an appearance in Mott in 2020. “But, something different will because we will have another summer reading program,” the librarian said.
“We have something for everybody in our little town. Some are interested in sports and some are interested in other things. I am glad that all the people who came, came (to the library),” she said, noting that 26 children came to see the exhibit.
“It was pretty exciting,” she added. Sports are important, but other things are too.
“This is still a pretty small library right now. Hopefully, we can do something to change that,” Kunnerup said.
Among the next local events are a fundraiser for the Friends of the Library on June 11, along making the earth as a cake on Monday, June 10, with the annual book sale on Highway 21 coming up.”We do a lot of our Math and Science just cooking. There is just no better way to a math and science than just cooking.

Lunar samples were displayed inside an acrylic disc at the Mott Library.

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