Hettinger County supporters score bulls eye for 4-H archery program

Callen Kruger



What started out as a 4 to 5 year project became a reality in just 2 ½ short months.

The Hettinger County 4-H Archery program had the goal to raise enough funds to purchase 2 to 4, 3D archery targets.

The project spearheaded by Brad Steiner began with a request to the Mott Fire Department and by simple word of mouth spread like wildfire.

The 4-H program started receiving donations from individuals, businesses and service groups from New England, Mott and Regent. Along with donations for targets, there was also a 7×16 foot enclose trailer donated to store and move the archery equipment in. Hettinger County 4-H now is the only county in the state to own all of the targets independent of a local archery club.
4-H Archery consists of an Indoor (winter) season and an Outdoor season.

The 3-D target is just one aspect of the outdoor season, the other 2 are Field Archery and FITA.

In order to qualify to be on the ND 4-H State archery team, senior 4-H members must complete all 3 areas to become a member to go to the National 4-H Archery completion.
What is 3-D archery?

The 3D target is a replica of live animals that are set up on an outdoor course that consist of 25 to 30 targets.

The archer is then able to shoot 1 arrow per target, the distance shot depends on the age of the archer. 4-H archery is a place where every archer participates no matter their skill level.
Hettinger County raised enough funds for 4-H to purchase 26 targets.

We hosted our first statewide 3D tournament on June 1.

Without the support of the communities that make up Hettinger County this would not have been possible.

We would like to thank Dakota Community Bank for sponsoring and lettering the Hettinger County 4-H trailer.

We would also like to thank the following sponsors in their help to purchase 3-D targets: Commercial Bank of Mott, Mott Fire Department, Homestead Seed New England, Brad, Sheila and Sydnee Steiner, New England Legion, Mott Legion, New England Lions, Mott Lions, Mott Equity, Dean and Kristi Wehri, Marketing Strategies – Mark and Cyndi Resner, Slope Electric,
Ben Quade, Troy and Lisa Mosbrucker, Howard and Alice Steiner, Dan, Brenda and Lincoln Cerkoney, Wilber Elis, Roy Steiner, Southwinds Inspection, P Zillich Enterprises, Denny’s Electric and Messmer Trucking.


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