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Advanced Ag Mech Team Eve Stegner Tate Nordby and Emily Dinius.
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Eve Stegner and Brenna Wert
Chapter Reporters

As the New England FFA chapter reporter, it is my job to inform the public of our chapter activities and share our experiences with the town.

However, because I (Eve Stegner) graduated as a part of the class of 2019, I will be retiring my pencil and paper as of today. This past week, many dedicated New England FFA members attended the State FFA Convention in Fargo.

This busy, fun, and bittersweet week marked the end of my FFA career.

While I would love to begin to write about all the fun and success we had at State FFA Convention, I am giving that honor to our newest official chapter reporter, Brenna Wert.

Brenna’s writing is almost as amazing as her character and work ethic.

Personally, I could not think of a better person to take over the responsibilities of the chapter reporter.

Before I hand this article to my very good friend, I would first like to express my appreciation for New England FFA, as I will miss FFA the most out of my high school activities.

The experiences I have had and the memories I have made are truly unparalleled. Through FFA, I have learned valuable life lessons, made life long friends, and made memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. FFA has shaped me into the person I am today. Moving forward, I will always be thankful for our advisor Mr. Krebs and the wonderful people who made every FFA experience unforgettable.

Now it is time to turn this article over to Brenna, to do her new job of telling you about State FFA Convention.



It was an amazingly successful week for our FFA chapter. Kayla Ehlis got a gold on her secretary book. Kayla and Sebella Sorenson competed in demonstration, and after they took first place at district the won the state competition.

Eve Stegner got a gold and placed in the top five for job interview.

The Advanced Ag Mech team consisting of Eve, Tate Nordby, and Emily Dinius, took third in state and second place in sweepstakes. Individually Eve got a gold, Tate got a Bronze, and Emily got a silver.

William Schmidt competed in ninth grade Ag Mech and took eighth place overall. Stetson Urlacher competed in 10th grade Ag Mech and took second place. Grace Dinius got ninth place in Nursery Landscape.

The floriculture team consisting of Emily, Grace, Brenna Wert, Kayla and Leah Ehlis took fourth place in state and individually Grace took seventh place, Emily got gold, Kayla got gold, Leah got a gold, and Brenna got a gold.

In food science Stetson got a silver, Chevy Dhamers got a bronze, and Matthew Bock got a Bronze. The Environmental natural resources team took a Bronze, and Tate got silver, Justin Katherien participated, Matthew got a bronze, Chevy got a Bronze, and Wyatt Dorner got a silver.

The small animals team took 4th place in state. Eve got second place, Grace got gold, Leah got gold, and Brenna got gold. The Meats team took silver with Will getting gold, Wyatt silver, and Justin silver.
In the words of Luke Combs this week was beautiful and crazy.

Leaving on Monday at 8 a.m. in the morning we all showed up with bundles of excitement.

After a long bus, ride we finally reached NDSU. We lugged all our luggage to our dorms and went out to have some fun before our first session. Through out the week we had a hypnotist demonstration, a dance, and a talent review, along with our studying.

We stressed and smiled as we went through our competitions, and cheered for joy when we got our results.

Overall it was an amazing time.

Sadly there were some tears shed as we had two of our FFA members, Tate and Eve, hang up their jackets for the last time. They were always such an inspiration to us and led us with passion.

Throughout the years Eve has acquired a nickname of “The FFA Queen.” She is the most dedicated FFA member I have ever met. Staying up late to study and finding the funnest ways to remember answers.

You two will be greatly missed, thank you for all the wonderful memories.
Thank you Mr.Krebs. you are and inspiration to all of us and we appreciate all the time you put in for us. From practices to competitions, the hours rack up.
This week was really incredible.

From all the success our chapter had to all the new friends and experiences we endured. It may not say it in the dictionary, but FFA is the definition of joy.



Advanced Ag Mech Team Eve Stegner Tate Nordby and Emily Dinius
Courtesy Photo
Official Delegates
Gold Secretary Book Kayla Ehlis


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