Mott-Regent grads face hugs, predictions and emotional farewells


Students at the Mott-Regent commencement ceremony wipe away their tears as they get ready to receive their diplomas Sunday in the Mott Armory.


The communities of Mott and Regent converged on the Mott Armory to help the Class of 2019 make a farewell appearance.

By Brad Mosher

The Herald


In the class address, West Point-bound Theodore Mayer spoke of the power of failure. “You bombed that math test? Good. Now you know to study harder.

“Lost a game? Good. Now you know your weaknesses and can improve them,” he told the audience and his classmates. He told that failures could lead to successes in life.

He admitted that he could never have the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger, or as rich as Warren Buffett.

“The main message is that we should abandon any discipline or despair about never being the best at it.,” Mayer said.

“Cody Perkins taught me to plan ahead,” he added, asking people to plan their upcoming weeks and map of their calendars.

“Set some goals and you will find that life is worth living. Planning allows you to prioritze what is important and what is not. It allows you to make real meaningful memories to look back on. Lastly, it prepares you mentally for the upcoming events in your life that will be tough,” he added.

Soon-to-be graduates Perkins and Isaac Frey added some humor to the commencement with their predictions for what lays ahead for the people they were graduating with, including that “Mr. Mayer will eventually become the President of the United States.”

Mayer received more recognition when he was identified by the school counselor Kari Mayer as getting a scholarship to West Point. He also was announced as one of 621 semi-finalists moving on to the finals of the Presidential Scholars program.

The students took time to hand out flowers to their parents and relatives in the audience, prior to Mott-Regent principal Adam Hill presenting the class and the former students receiving their diplomas from Dean Friedt.

The students were called up, starting with Mayer and followed by Regan Sharon Riedlinger, Madison Alexis Meier, Amber Lynn Messer, Dillon Thomas, Baesler, Austin Duane Belile, Breanna Agnes Friedt, Isaac Theodore Frey, Hunter James Geerts, Dustie Rae Martin, Clinton Cody Perkins, Skyler Mica Sturgis-Garneau, Kristen Dale Waldner and Asadullah Jihad Watson-Buffalo. The first four students to get their diplomas also had grade points averages of 3.50 and above.

Regan Riedlinger provided the class’ “farewell” by focusing on how time changes. Time used to be measured in how long it would be until the summer break, or during the school year until the semester tests.

“Our time in school has been measured in memories,” she said. The class will be going in different directions after high school. Some will be going to college, others will be going directly into the workforce. “We will each follow our paths,” she added. “Don’t do just enough to get by. Strive to be better than the average. Excel at everything you do.”

After a slideshow, and a farewell from the principal, the graduated class of 14 moved outside the Armory to face the families and friends with hugs, handshakes and tears…. along with a few more hugs.

“This is a very good group of kids that I am really going to miss,” the principal said in his farewell. “It may be a little quieter in school… so without further ado, I present you the Class of 2019.”


Newly-graduated, Breanna Friedt was lined up with other students outside to be hugged by friends, classmates and family.



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