Third grade students turn gym into a wax museum

Third grade students at New England Public School were frozen in place like wax statues Friday.
In costume as famous historical figures, more than a dozen students took positions in the school gymnasium.
They were waiting for visitors to come and press a green dot on a hand.

Brad Mosher
The Herald
On one of the statues, Superintendent Kelly Koppinger gently pulled on an earlobe to find out about Evel Knievel after the dot had fallen off.
In addition to Knievel, students also told visitors about Clara Barton, Mother Teresa, Audrey Hepburn, Lane Frost, Ben Franklin, Dwight Eisenhower, Anne Frank, Rosa Parks, Adrian Peterson, Captain Smith, Jimmie Johnson, Jane Goodall, Rosie the Riveter, Amelia Earhart and Sacagawea, among others.
According to third grade teacher Michelle Petri, the parents were the unsung heroes behind her students’ efforts. “They were involved in costuming and helping out with practicing and memorizing the speeches,” Petri said after the “wax museum” closed.
“They (the students) came up with their own character ideas. They had favorite characters, someone they have always liked and wanted to find out more about,” she explained. “I did not assign any characters at all. It was all their own picking and did all their own research.”
The teacher helped the students write up their research for their speech, and to focus on the highlights they wanted to make.
The students practiced both at home and in class for their debut as waxen figures which would come to life when someone touched a green “start” button on one hand.
“The costuming was done at home mostly. We had a dress rehearsal (the day before).
“The parents responded very well. I got a lot of very nice comments. They were very, very pleased with the production.”
The students had a similar, but slightly different view, according to Petri. “They thought it was fun, but they are really, really glad that it is over. And done.”
The students had been working on their historical figure for about six week, the teacher said. “It has gotten to be a long time,” she added. “They are ready for it to be over with.
“We are down to the final days of school,” Petri said.
Almost as a reward, the students went to Lions Park Monday and the Hettinger County Museum in Regent Tuesday, according to Petri.

Lane Frost Koedyn Awender
Jimmie Johnson Jack Bieber
Anne Frank Ella Binstock
Mother Teresa Aieranna Boele
Sacagawea Cambria Cheauma
Dwight Eisenhower Rylan Crecelius
Albert Einstein Sierra Fitterer
Desmond Doss Westin Gilman
Captain Smith Daniel Hoerath
Evel Knievel Beau Keith
Jane Goodall Ayrison Magelky
Rosa Parks Destiny Mastin
Amelia Earhart McKenna Monke
Adrian Peterson Coedy Nichols
Clara Barton Holly Rafferty
Audrey Hepburn Taylor Sonsalla
Rosie the Riveter Macy Tate
Joe Reddington Sr. Ryene Warnecke
Ben Franklin Maddix Wisham

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