Seeing the light: Main Street changing in New England

There will be some noticeable changes in New England over the next few weeks.
The biggest will be when the company building the water tower behind the city hall will start preparing it to be painted during the summer months.

Staff Report
Although it is currently green, the workers will come back to sandblast the tower in preparation for when it is painted.
“It will be great to see it in white with the tiger,” City Auditor Jason Jung said recently. He did warn that while the workmen are sandblasting the tower that people move their vehicles further away from the tower.
In addition, the lights with older bulbs will be replaced with LED units which will be brighter and more energy efficient, Jung added.
The decision to move ahead was made in the last city council meeting.
The city council moved forward with a plan to eventual replace the bulbs in all of the street light on Main Street with new LEDs.
“We are just replacing the ‘bulbs’ up there,” Jung said after the meeting. “We have 26 to replace and $6,800 is for all 26 LED units.”
The replacements will cover the street from the north side of Elevator Road to the front of the New England Public School on 12th Street North.
According to Jung, the cost would have been about $120,000 if we had to replace them (poles and all). “They will match the lights on the south side of Main Street.
They will be more efficient for the city in the long run,” added Josh SMITH.
The city council’s approval allows the purchase of the LED lighting units from Border States
“There won’t be a rush to put them up, but we’ll get them ordered so they will be here and whenever we have a chance ….”
Jung also praised Lyle Kovar for doing a lot of research for the project. “With all the things that he did, he saved us $3,000. That’s huge.
“And Slope Electric is always willing to help,” the auditor added, noting they have offered to provide some help in putting the LED lights up.

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