New England Hosts 2019 Farm Safety Day

New England hosted the annual Farm Safety Day at the Memorial Hall on Friday, May 3. Fifth and sixth grade students from Mott-Regent and fifth grade from New England gathered for the day-long event put on by the NDSU Hettinger County Extension in Mott.
The day started out with demonstrations at the New England Fire Hall and ambulance garage. On hand to show the youth particulars about the fire equipment was Assistant Chief, Ben Quade and on duty paramedics Brian Renton and Keith Hughes. The group of 62 kids were split for each demonstration. Ben displayed the trucks and the purpose for each one. He also showed the jaws of life, the expansion pillow to raise damaged vehicles or equipment, and the fire suits the fireman use. For fun he let the kids spray water with the firehose and run the siren on one of the trucks. Brian and Keith showed both ambulances and told the youth about the monitors and medical equipment in each of the ambulances. The then demonstrated loading and unloading of a dummy patient. They let the kids perform this task instructing them how to do it properly. They also had the chance to run the sirens.
From there it was down to Memorial Hall for lunch and the breakout sessions. There were 3 sessions involving safety aspects. Sound Safety taught by Duaine Marxen, Hettinger County Extension involved the youth in what it would be like to have hearing loss. They learned that 85 decibals for 8 hours is the maximum before hearing loss and sudden, high decibal sounds will cause instant hearing loss.
Lawn Mower Safety explained by Craig Askim, Mercer County Extension involved mower maintenance and repair along with proper attire for doing the job. In addition Craig led a discussion on oil viscosity and what would a mower take for lubrication.
Sun Safety was led by Amanda Dahners Grant County Extension. She taught the youth about the dangers of over exposure to the sun and the possibility of melanoma. She instructed on the proper rating for sun screen and the right attire if you are out in the sun for an extended period of time.
Hettinger County Extension would like to thank the following sponsors for their support in making this annual happen. Slope Cooperative Electric, Brenda Wiseman Catering, Farmer’s Union Insurance-Brad Greff Agency, Hettinger county Farmer’s Union, and New England Emergency Management.

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