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The first Regent doctor’s office on the second floor had a good view of the town.
Herald photo / Brad Mosher



Hettinger County Historical Society had both good news and bad news during its annual meeting Sunday in Regents Enchanted Castle.

The good news was the visit of three of Dr. Simon W. Hill’s granddaughters.


By Brad Mosher

The Herald


The bad news was the looming need for major projects to fix parts of the aging six buildings which make up the downtown museum.

The annual meeting was also the 50th recognition of receiving the Doc Hill Medical Museum, which brought Patricia Hill Hinsz of Bismarck, Mary Marquart of West Fargo and Nancy Krebsbach of Washburn to Regent to cut the cake and celebrate the anniversary.

The doctor’s former office building was deeded to the historical society in 1968 and eventually officially dedicated in August of 1983.

Part of the weekend’s celebration was a free afternoon for people to visit the museum, which is on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior.

According to Tracy Kruger, the society’s treasurer, it is the Dr. Hill building which will be the biggest priority for the repairs.

“We have fixed several of the other buildings last year and they all need a little something.

“But, it is Doc Hill’s we are the most concerned about right now. We have a contractor who opened up the bottom boards of the front to look at and see what is under there. That is where we need to start and see what we have got (to fix),” she explained.

The exterior of one wall also needs to be repainted and the society had one estimate as high as $30,000 for the job.

While the needed repairs loomed large at the meeting after the dinner, the high point of the event was having the granddaughters in attendance, according to Kruger.

Hinsz told the society members that she appreciated the effort and the history she had seen preserved by the society, while Marquart admitted that the history meant a lot to her.

“We didn’t know a lot about our grandpa’s family. We are having fun going through (it),” Krebsbach added.

In addition, members of the society had Kevin Carvell read some of the comments about the doctor as well as recall some memories passed down by his family about Regent’s first doctor.

Local researcher and historian Carol Witte read a poem about the Doc Hill building and a visit to his office called “Ode to a Building” and written in the 1960s by Mrs. Mary Christopherson.

For more information about the society, call (701) 563-7798.


The exterior to the Hettinger County museum which is made up of six small buildings in the center of Regent.
Herald photo / Brad Mosher
Regent’s museum are a local treasure trove of local history.
Herald photo / Brad Mosher
People had to climb narrow stairs to get to the doctor’s office on the second flow of one of the buildings above the drugstore.
Herald photo / Brad Mosher






Three granddaughters of Dr. Simon Hill stopped at the Enchanted Castle Sunday to help celebrate when the aquisition of the doctors former office by the Hettinger County Historical Society. Patricia Hill Hinsz (left) of Bismarck was joined by Mary Marquart of West Fargo and Nancy Krebsbach of Washburn to mark the event.
Herald photo / Brad Mosher










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