Visitors draw blood in New England

Lions Club helps with local blood drive

A three-person crew came to New England April 23 to draw blood for a blood drive sponsored by the New
England Lions Club.
Herald photo / Brad Mosher

The timing may not have been great for a blood drive with local farmers using a sunny day with mild weather to their advantage Tuesday.

By Brad Mosher
The Herald
But, according to Bobby Erickson of the New England Lions Club, getting almost 20 people to visit the local fire station and donate blood was a good sign.
“This time of the year, getting farmers out of the fields isn’t easy. This is seeding time,” she added.
Still, 18 people stopped by to donate.
The visit to New England was sponsored by the Lions Club with Vitalant sending the medical crew to town to handle the actual blood drive with six stations available.
The three-person staff came from Vitalant’s Bismarck and Mandan offices with a mobile blood drive lab which allowed them to set up the location in less than an hour and break it back down for travel in the evening.
According to one of Vitalant’s personnel, the mobile facility seems to be always on the move. “we are on the road – sometimes six days and sometimes four days,” said Heather Irwin.
Some of the people who came to donate blood had appointments, but others did not, according to Erickson.
The Lions Club member added that another blood drive planned for August will probably have a larger number of people donating because it would not be as much of a conflict with the farm duties.
After each person finished donating blood, there could get some cookies, some water and some instructions on what they should avoid doing for the next few hours because of the loss of blood.
Of the 18 donors, several were deferred for further checks.

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