Enchanted Highway clears up legal cloud over famous geese

The massive sculpture along Interstate 94 known as “Geese in Flight” has gotten a new lease on life after the property owners and the artist came to an out-of-court settlement recently. Photo by Brad Mosher

Adark legal cloud which had threatened the Enchanted Highway’s biggest draw has vanished.

The gigantic metal sculpture called “Geese in Flight” along Interstate 94 east of Dickinson had served as an entry portal for the Enchanted Highway, guiding visitors south to Regent.

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But, in 2017, new owners of the property north of the interstate closed it to visitors. They fenced the structure off claiming that there were liability issues and attracted trespassers.

The five-acre site was part of a 28-acre parcel purchased by Seth and Kayla O’Donnell to build a house.

The couple said they didn’t know about a lease arrangement the previous owner of the property had with Gary Greff of Regent to display his 78-ton metal sculpture on the northern side of the interstate at Exit 72 where State Highway 8 goes south to the city of Regent.

According to Greff, he has purchased the site where the “Geese in Flight” have roosted and it will stay in place one he makes the payment. He has predicted the location can be open again by May.

In addition, he will soon be getting a maintenance grant from the state which was in the Department of Commerce budget to provide for upkeep of the tourist attraction.

The agreement between the owners of the land and Greff has a confidentiality clause.

Greff started working on the Enchanted Highway almost 30 years ago.

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