Night at The Races

It is time for a winning celebration after a close race during Saturday’s A Nite at the Races fundraiser for the New England Lions Club. – Photo by Brad Mosher

Although it was postponed for several weeks, members of the New England Lions Club considered “A Nite at the Races” a success.

By Brad Mosher

The Herald

The event drew more than a 100 people to Memorial Hall on a Saturday evening for a dinner, some video horse racing a festive atmosphere.

I may not have been Churchill Downs, but the people going to the New England event still dressed up, some with festive hats and others with equally festive jackets.

The evening, which also had an auction, used a computer with video races to bring the air of horse racing indoors.

The “races” had been postponed after the region went through a period of extreme cold weather.

Becky Jacobs and Kelly Jacobs react during one of the races Saturday night at the Memorial Hall in New England. – Photo by Brad Mosher

According to one member of the Lions Club, the night was really successful, especially in drawing a large number of people to participate.

“We have only had it going on for three years,” Butch Frank said afterward. “We old a lot of tickets last year, but we had really bad weather, so only about 78 showed up.”

Attendance jumped to more than 110 Saturday, giving the Lions Club it largest ever number. Frank said he thinks that record will only last a year. “It should get a lot bigger next year,” he added.

The races may be old, but the people at the event do not know the outcomes, he added.

“It is a DVD with prerecorded races. The copyright is 1990, so it is old prerecorded races,” he added. “It is a company out of Florida that we get it from.”

“We also had a costume contest for the men and the women,” he added. “We had two separate prizes for them.”

It is used as an annual fundraiser for the Lions Club in New England and pulled in more than $5,000 for the evening, according to Frank.

Leah Rusta and Lexi Fitterer discuss how to take a good picture of a friend with a phone during a break in the racing action Saturday evening. – Photo by Brad Mosher
Jade Praus of Dickinson watches the video display of the horse races along with Breann Krebs, Patti Juliano and Rita Lutz during Saturday’s A Night at the Races fundraiser at Memorial Hall in New England.

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