Mott emerges from flood, ice

The water in the Cannonball River has receded, giving the city of Mott a chance to recover from flooding that rose above its normal banks and threatened local buildings and locations.

Staff Report

The water left behind chunks on higher ground throughout the parts of town along the Cannonball River, in some places more than 10 feet above its current water level.

The river hit a height of more than 15 feet on March 22 in Regent and climbed even higher before reaching Mott on March 24.

In a little more than a day, the water level forces several streets and bridges to close, especially in west Mott.

But now the worst is over, according to the Hettinger County Emergency Management spokeswoman.

The winter runoff has receded since March 24 and 25 when it reached its highest point, more than 17 feet, and with that comes the clean up.

Mott wasn’t the only place to be flooded in western North Dakota after the final blizzard of winter and the quick change to warmer weather.

Parts of the Heart River also flooded near Dickinson, along with Highway 22 north of Killdeer near the Ft. Berthold Reservation and the area near Medora.

There are still large chunks of ice slowly melting far above the current level of the Cannonball River, showing how far the water dropped in less than a week. The parking lot for the picnic area in Legion Park is again above water and beginning to dry out after the flooded rose over the banks of Cannonball Rive and almost to the picnic area.

Photos by Brad Mosher

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