Community springs forward to help local pastor

Local Pastor thankful

Colin Neuharth has spent months on the road, traveling between New England and Fargo.

He may soon be to rest a little more.

By Brad Mosher

The Herald

According to the pastor for Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in New England, his wife may be home by the end of the week.

While hundreds of townspeople were bidding on auction items or watching a dinner theater one-act play at the Memorial Hall Saturday evening, the pastor was busy thanking people.

“I am thankful for the way that the way that the community is reaching out to help us in our time of need,” he said as the community benefit was starting the close. “I feel like ‘Thank You’ doesn’t do this justice, but that is the only words I can come up with to explain how grateful I am for the community of New England and Our Redeemers and Zion Lutheran churches.

The benefit included two performances of a one-act play as dinner theater with cast members from New England Public School and others serving food, but also a meatball dinner downstairs.

It drew a large reaction in attendance and also in the bidding during the auction when winning bidders turned the items back to be bid on again.

After the event Saturday, Neuharth was back to preparing for his Sunday duties.

Then it was back on the road to Fargo.

“Baby Katy has some doctors appointments and Kristina (his wife) will be discharging on Wednesday, if all goes according to plan.

“She will come home, but she will have outpatient therapies (in Dickinson) for a longer term,” he said.

“Her progress has been very positive, to the point of downright miraculous. Each day, there is new progress and healing taking place. From one day to the next, I’ve notice that she does one thing one day that she couldn’t do the day before.  It has been beautiful to see the kind of progress on this kind of journey that no one wants to go through,” he added.

“The physical and the verbal are both progressing about the same. There are definitely more physical obstacles to overcome than verbal, but she is working hard at both. She is doing absolutely wonderful.”

According the pastor, it has been his wife’s youth that has helped her recovery from the stroke in January when she was pregnant and then the premature emergency C-section of Katy. “One of the neurology doctors told me that Kristina has a young brain and young brains heal. That is exactly what is happening and we are thankful.”

Neuharth said that he was eager to stop making the trips to Fargo and have his family home. “I have lost count (of the mileage). I know at least I have put 10,000 miles on my truck going back and forth.”

Now, Neuharth is hoping to give the truck a little rest.

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