New England Area Community Foundation grant application deadline

The committee of the New EnglandAreaCommunityFoundation(NEACF)will be giving out over $5,600in grants to local organizations that provide services to the New Englandarea.  Applicants must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, or government agenciesor have a qualified fiscal sponsor. APPLY TODAY Online at for Grant Tab)The NECFis a permanent endowment, from which the local advisory committee grants out annual earnings to projects and programs in most need and so help improve the quality of life. Last year, New England Library—New Shelves, and Open Door Food Pantry—Food Items.

NECFwas established underthe umbrella of the North Dakota Community Foundation, who provides committee training, program marketing, endowment management, gift planning, annual audit, gift and grant processing so committees can focus on building the fund making it a significant resource for the community. The committee offers organizations, individuals, families and business owners, who are or were from the New Englandarea, a way to create a “Living Legacy” by taking advantage of charitable ND income credits, and IRS deduction laws. Givers thoughtfulness, makes New Englanda better place to live, even if they no longer live in the area. Legacies, serve the community forever through the back-office support of NDCF and directly through the New England advisory committee who make sure donors intent is alive in the community. For to apply for a grant, more information on the foundation or options for creating a Legacy please contact the committee atnewenglandfoundation@ndcf.netor Shannay Witte, Jason Jung, Shari Wolf, Christi Madler, Cheryl Mellmerdirectly or go online to For questions about anonymous giving or the services of NDCF contact our regional support person John Heinen (701) 590-4614 or  We are here to serve you for the betterment of thecommunity! REQUESTS ARE CONFIDENTIAL.

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