‘The Frog Prince’ hops to successful Saturday run

There were queens, princesses, swans, knights and even pink flamingoes on stage during  the production of  “The Frog Prince” Saturday in New England’s Memorial Hall. Herald photos/ Brad Mosher


There may not have been a cast of thousands, but it may have seemed that way Saturday when a flock of pink flamingos and a flood of venus flytraps seemed to cover the stge in Memorial Hall for the two performances of “The Frog Prince” by the Missoula Children’s Theater and local students.

By Brad Mosher

The Herald

The audience at the two peerformances really enjoyed the play,  according to Sara Krebs, the president of the booster club.

TheBooster Club had sponsored the fifth appearance of the Missoula Children’s Theater to New England.

The performances will come after a week of rehearsals in Memorial Hall under the supervision of two co-directors from MCT, Clarice Bruch and Connor Murphy-White.

The MCT worked with students to perform Snow White last year, added Krebs.

Even before the performances, Krebs was pleased with the way the play was looking in rehearsals.

“Usually, we have a pretty good showing. Even the little kids (in the audience) get into it. There is a lot of singing and singing keeps the kids engaged, she predicted.

Her prediction came true Saturday.

“It was wonderful,” she said after the first performance.

“I am so proud of the hard work they’ve done.

“It turned out great,” she added.

Krebs also said that she was eager to see what the Missoula Children’s Theater would come up with next year.

“It is always a pleasure to see what comes in. As far as I know, we (the booster club) plan on bringing them back,” Krebs said.

After each performance, the cast stayed out on the stage to give parents and relatives a chance to take pictures.

In addition, the two members of the Missoula Children’s Theater involved in the production took time to thank all the parents who had been involved in the production behind the scene throughout the week.

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