Mott-Regent senior surpasses high school scoring milestone

Cody Perkins celebrated his milestone with his parents, Pat Perkins and Shonna Perkins during the Washburn game in Mott. Photo submitted by Rachelle Mayer

Cody Perkins and his Mott-Regent teammates may have lost their road battle with the best team in Region 7, but even Beulah’s Miners couldn’t keep the senior from shattering the 1,000-point career scoring mark.

By Brad Mosher

The Herald

The Miners won the game by a 78-50 margin and rolled to an 10-1 record in the regional play.

But Perkins has been continuing to add to his scoring total until he finished his prep basketball career Monday with a 78-65 loss to Hazen in the quarterfinals of the Region 7 basketball tournament at Trinity’s Knights of Columbus Activities Center.

Against the Miners, Perkins finished with 26 points. He added 28 more against Hettinger-Scranton and 24 more against Washburn, the first home game after he broke the mark and gave the chance for the students and the community to celebrate the achievement.

“We celebrated right after the start of the Washburn game,” Pat Perkins, his father and the Wildfire varsity coach said. “We thought it best to celebrate at a home game.”

He added another 31 points against Richardton-Taylor.

Cody Perkins ended his prep career Monday in the quarterfinals of the regional tournament. Herald photo / Brad Mosher

Perkins started his scoring run with 36 points in his freshman year. He added 221 in his sophomore year.

He added another 393 in just his junior season, almost doubling his previous year’s scoring output.

His senior season, Perkins hade that effort seem small by comparison.

Perkins surpassed 500 points in his senior campaign to easily break the 1,000-point mark.

Pat Perkins creditted his son’s success in spending a lot of time in the gym working on form, technique and shooting shots from all over the court.

That dedication seems to have paid off so far for the Mott-Regent senior.

The coach also said that participating in camps and playing AAU basketball also helped to hone his skills.

“Cody would love to go to college and play basketball. He is hoping to get a college scholarship so he can do so,” the coach added.

The score came during the Beulah game (near left).
Photo submitted by Rachelle Mayer

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