Local basketball player still facing treatment

Zane Sabo, a sophomore at New England Public School, was injured in a basketball game Feb. 22 against Glen Ullin-Hebron.
The injury lead to the discovery of an Arteriovenous Malformation, which is a tangle of abnormal blood vessels, arteries, and veins in the brain.
The diagnosis will require further treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Minnesota.
There is a webpage at www.customink.com asking people to “Fight with Zane.” The page asks to support Zane’s family by purchasing a t-shirt, or making a donation to offset some of the medical costs.
As of March 7, 86 items had been sold, raising approximately $1,900. The money raised will go to Jess Sabo.
The T-shirts have a basketball graphic, Zane Sabo’s initials, and printed “In This Family We All Fight Together.”
In addition, there will be a bake sale at the school Friday to raise money for the family.

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