Frigid February may morph into more moderate March

The long streak of sub-zero temperatures will be changing in the next few weeks, according to weather forecasts. In Bismarck Sunday, the National Weather Service issued a Winter Hazardous Weather Outlook through the beginning of March, citing predicted wind chills of between minus-35 and minus-50 degrees in widespread portions of western North Dakota.

Staff Report

For the communities of New England and Mott in Hettinger County, more moderate weather will start about a week into March when the current streak of deep sub-zero temperatures are predicted to stop.

The first weekend in March will be extremely cold in New England with temperatures (with wind chill) predicted to be about minus-50 degrees. Mott will be no warmer, according to forecasts.

But the warming trend will be starting Wednesday and Thursday with daytime temperatures predicted to be in the mid to high 20s during the day, and falling to just above zero at night (without wind chill).

The night temperatures will start to stay above zero by about March 10, according to current forecasts.

According to the National Weather Service, the weather will remain mired in extremely cold and dangerous conditions, at least through March 8. “We wish we didn’t sound like a broken record.”

Below normal temperatures are forecast to continue through much of March in the NWS Climate Prediction Center temperature outlooks, the center posted online.

The Dunn County Emergency Management announced a No Travel advisory for Sunday because of poor conditions on Highway 200 between Killdeer and Beulah.

The No Travel restriction was raised later Sunday.

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