Tigers tear Bearcats apart, fall twice for fourth place finish

New England tore through Glen Ullin-Hebron  from the start of the game Feb. 18 in the Knights of Columbus Activities Center.

Jumping out to an early 18-1 lead, the Tigers cruised to a 49-26 victory in the Region 7 quarterfinals.

The situation was reversed a day later, when the Tigers dropped a 63-33 decision to the top-seed, Hettinger-Scranton in the tournament’s semifinal game.

The Tigers fell one more time, losing barely to Bowman County after leading most of the game.

With less than four minutes on the clock, the Tigers held a lead over Bowman in the third place game.

But, the Tigers were unable to hold on before Bowman County was able to pull off the 43-38 victory.

Opening romp

The Tigers used a sifling defense to hold the Bearcats to just two baskets in the first half.

Glen Ullin-Hebron hit just two of the 28 shots they took on the basket in the first half.

Molly Rayhorn led the Tigers in scoring with 17 points, while Shelley Kathrein finished with 16 in the runaway. Lindsay Koch added six, while Elizabeth Kaufman put in five points. Elli Rettinger put in two, while Chantel Conrad, Grace Dinus and Emily Dinius each added one point.

The top-seeded Night Hawks started off the semifinal contest with New England hot and stayed that way as they ran up a 20-5 advantage after the first quarter.

The favored team kept it up in the second quarter on the way to a 63-33 win.

By halftime, Hettinger had built up a 35-11 edge.

Hettinger-Scranton piled on another 10 points to their lead in the third quarter for a 57-23 edge.

Kathrein had 12 points, while Rayhorn put in six and Rettinger added five. Koch, Emily Dinius and Hadley Binstock finished with two each.

The Bulldogs started off strong, taking an early lead.

That was the same scoring surge which would doom the Tigers in the final quarter.

In the first half the Tigers came back to tie the game at 14 points, then went on a scoring run of their own to take a 23-18 lead when the halftime buzzer went off.

After the 16-8 second quarter scoring gave the Tigers the halftime lead, the Bulldogs gnawed at it in the third quarter, cutting three points off the lead.

Kathrein led the Tigers with 14 points, while Rayhorn added 11 points and senior Kaufman finished with six points in her final game for the Tigers.

Koch also scored six points, while  Binstock put in three.

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