LIFE ON THE OUTSIDE: A Christmas Dream in North Dakota

SW North Dakota weather was a Christmas dream for a handicapped person!

Balmy temperatures, non gale-force winds, and minimal ice on walking surfaces.

The snowflakes drifting down two days after Christmas are gorgeous.

By Yvonne Stegner

Brisker days are forecast for the future, but those who stay inside (and people such as myself who choose to be housebound) appreciate being toasty warm indoors.

Another miracle has happened in my life! For months the “Service Engine” and “ABS” brake lights have been illuminated in my daughter’s handicapped-accessible van, and it also indicated that traction-control was not working. On Christmas Eve those troubleshooting lights did not remain illuminated.

I believe that, once again, God knew Maren & I couldn’t afford costly diagnostics and possibly repairs, and He interceded on our behalf. Thank You Lord!

Being a former music teacher, I continue to think about ways to make music.

Since I sneezed so hard my tracheostomy came out about 4 years ago, my vocal cords don’t function so I can’t carry a tune while attempting to sing.

My lung capacity is greatly diminished, so even if the fingers of my right hand moved nimbly, which they don’t yet, playing my clarinets and saxophones isn’t an option.

Friends bought me a ukulele, which I love for it being feather-light, but I can’t strum so far.

My non-dominant left hand does what it can with a roll-up keyboard, also an encouraging present from a dear friend.

Percussion instruments may be the answer for the present time.

My tambourine is still too heavy, but the claves I can currently maneuver.

I appreciated so much the gifts of food I received both prior to Christmas and on Christmas Eve, and the brilliant color of the poinsettia plant bestowed to my daughter and I makes our home feel cozy.

Colorful frosted sugar cookies continue to be my personal favorite, but the sweet tooth of both my daughter and me savored all the sweet treats we were blessed with.

And a person can’t beat thick warm soup for warming a person from the inside out.

God is good for so many reasons, but the fact that He provides good friends is definitely a perk!

Being around my children was a high point of Christmas for me.

Hearing them converse with each other about occurrences in their lives was interesting, not to mention eye-opening.

I find myself still thinking of them as “the kids”, but I must realize that they are adults now.

These frigid days I am thankful that my soon-to-be ex-husband found a cozy-warm house for me to live in, and that is roomy enough for my power wheelchair to navigate.

Another item to express my gratitude to God for.

As I glance at my bird feeder, which is crowded with hungry sparrows partaking of morsels of bird seed, I think of this line from a gospel song: “His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.”

I am contented, and God is good!

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