High-speed pursuit on Highway 22

Ty Collins was the subject of an alleged high-speed pursuit on Thursday, January 17th. Adams County law enforcement responded to an “all units” call from the state radio dispatch that reported a high-speed pursuit of a red Chevy Colorado pickup traveling southbound on Hwy 22.

Frank Turner


According to dispatch notes, the original traffic stop was for going 79 in a 65 mph zone. When Collins didn’t stop, the pursuit spanned two adjacent counties, starting in Hettinger County and ending in Adams County near mile marker 17.
Adams County law enforcement successfully intercepted and stopped the vehicle by deploying stop sticks and successfully deflated both drivers’ side tires of the fleeing vehicle, resulting in Collin’s arrest. Thankfully, there were no injuries.
Collins was taken into custody by the Hettinger County deputies and transported to the Southwest Multi-County Correction Center.
Collins has no previous criminal history except minor traffic violations.

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