PAUL THE BEATLE – One-Man Beatlemania Show

In a brilliant one-man show, Bob Halligan, Jr. portrays Paul McCartney through his career – as a Beatle and as a solo artist in a singer-songwriter, theatrical format involving music, dialogue and onstage wardrobe changes. (Sounds like fun-read on)
The Dakota Concert Association brings this delightful show to Hettinger, ND, on Sunday, February 10, 2019 at the Hettinger Lutheran Church (904 2nd Ave S.) at 7:00pm MST.
Paul has a conversation with the audience and himself that inevitably leads to the songs we so deeply love. Through the laughter and tears (and the clothes), Paul traces the band’s musical journey and his contributions to it, doing so with no back-up musicians, only Paul on keyboard, guitar and bass. As group unity frays, he begins to muse where he might go musically after the break-up. And he even takes requests!
This show is not just any Beatle Tribute show. Bob Halligan Jr. takes it to a different and compelling level that shines a light on the master-mind of the Beatle, Paul McCartney. The dialogue enhances the performance and Bob Halligan’s voice is magic.
Bob Halligan Jr. has written over 1,100 songs, 200 of which have been recorded by artists internationally with sales over 30 million units. These artists have helped put 9 Gold and Platinum records on Bob’s wall. For 21 years, he has led the Celtic pop-rock group Ceili Rain plus the Beatles show. He has sung on recordings with Billy Joel and numerous others, and he is an Adjunct Professor at Syracuse University where he teaches songwriting, film scoring, music business and a Beatles class. Recently, he was the only American invited to sing at a Papal gathering of 100,000 people in Italy and met Pope Francis.
Join the Dakota Concert Association at the Lutheran Church in Hettinger and enjoy this fabulous Beatles show. For further information, call Peggy Gunther at 701-928-1075.

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