Hettinger County Crop and Live stock annual meeting to be held Feb. 1 at Memorial Hall

The Hettinger County Crop and Livestock Improvement Association will be having their annual meeting February 1st at the Memorial Hall in New England.

Duaine Marxen

Hettinger County Extension/ANR

The association is made up of farmers, ranchers, and businesses that are looking to improve the productivity of their agricultural operations. The group has an annual meeting every year to highlight the latest developments in business management, crop and seed production, and animal husbandry. This year is no exception as the agenda brings North Dakota State University Professors and Specialists to share ways to improve everyone’s bottom line. The Agenda is as follows:
9:00 am Coffee/Membership Dues
9:30 Welcome-Annual Meeting
10:00 Market Outlook & Tariff Issues – Frayne Olson, Crops Economist and Marketing Specialist, NDSU Extension Agribusiness and Applied Economics
11:00 Studies on Late Calving – Doug Landblom, Animal Scientist at the Dickinson Research Extension Center
12:00 LUNCH
1:00 pm Herbicide Resistant Weeds – Caleb Dalley, Hettinger Research Extension Center Weed Scientist
2:00 Break
2:20 Club Root in Canola – Jon Wert
2:25 Seed Treatments: What is Worth the Money – John Rickertsen, Agronomist Hettinger Research Extension Center
3:00 Crop Variety Update – John Rickertsen, Agronomist Hettinger Research Extension Center
3:40 Adjourn
3:50 Board Reorganization

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