Hettinger County 4H’ers Compete at 4-H Archery Tournament

Will Schmidt of New England shoots Free Style.
Photo Submitted.

On Saturday, January 12, 2018, nine Hettinger County 4-H members competed at the South West Regional 4-H Archery Tournament at the NISHU Bowman building in Bismarck. Categories available to shoot in were Senior Freestyle, Senior Bare Bow, Junior Bare Bow, Junior Freestyle, Beginner Bare Bow, and Beginner Freestyle. In the Senior Division The Hettinger County team took 2nd in Bare Bow. Team members were Sydney Steiner placing 4th in Bare Bow, Will Schmidt placing 9th in Freestyle and 10th in Bare Bow, James Augare placing 9th in Bare Bow and Sophie Olsonawski placing 17th in Bare Bow. In the Junior Division Messa Kuehl, Katie Schmidt, and Megan Monke competed. In the Beginner Division the Hettinger County team in Bare Bow took 2nd place. Emma Olsonawski took home 3rd place, Meadow Olsonawski placed 9th , Mark Schmidt placed 10th and Koedyn Awender placed 15th. Mark Schmidt and Koedyn Awender participated in the Beginner Freestyle.
The Hettinger County 4-H’ers kicked off their Archery season on December 20, 2018. The members practice from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm each Tuesday and Thursday evening at the Mott/Regent Gymnasium in Mott and every Wednesday evening from 6:30-8:30 at the New England Gymnasium in New England. 4-H’ers who attend practice use Genesis bows. They practice technique, form, safety and accuracy. The Hettinger County 4-H Archery program also offers competition practice for those 4-H’ers who are interested in shooting in different types of competition offered throughout the state. This particular type of archery shooting involves using bows using sights in the case of freestyle and not using sights when shooting bare bow. The public is invited to watch the youth practice and hone their skills for the upcoming meets.

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