Mott unmasks decorating tree winners

Some of the teams decorating trees for the annual non-profit may have barely met the deadline Dec. 13, working until almost the last minute, but it was worth all the effort, according to the organizers.

Staff Report

The top tree in the competition was called “Code Blue” and included a variety of medical devices that are used in the medical feld.

As the winner of the non-profit competition, Mott Ambulance’s “Code Blue” brought in a $125 prize.

The Mott Library tree was the second place winner and took in $50.

The People’s Choice award went to Farm Service Agency’s sunflower tree.

A tree built by the Mott Library (left) took second place in the annual decorating competition in the Hettinger County Courthouse in Mott. The Farm Service Agency picked up the People’s Choice Award for its Sunflower tree (right). submitted photos.

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