Foundation gives out grants to Mott, Regent

Mott-Regent Foundation grant recipients are (Back row) Jimmy Pouncey, David Crane, Terry Hartman. (Front Row) Alicia Gunwell, Sharon Larson and Deb Marthaller – Submitted photo

The Mott-Regent foundation committee of Alex Aldinger, Morgan Kouba, Kevin Carvell, Karen Kouba, Linda Swindler, and Bill Gion gave grants to the following to fund in part the following projects,

The Hettinger Fair Board – Fair Grounds Garden, City of Regent

– Cemetery upgrades, Regent Ambulance —

Generator, Playhouse Theatre —

Bathroom Walls,

Mott Food Pantry, Maercklien Conservation —

Cannonball Walking Path  Thank you to the local committee!

“We were not able to fund all project requests this year. We are seeing an increase number and size of projects and want to grow our fund to meet more of the needs of the community. Please consider donation, any amount makes a difference, a spokesman said.

This fund, is a permanent fund and will grant every year for generations to come. If gifts are over $5,000 they can qualify for a 40% state income tax credit. 

For more information, contact one of the committee members mottregent@ndcf.netor send a check to MRCF Att: Karen Kouba PO 86, Regent, ND 58650.

Or for anonymous giving or call 701-590-4614 John is our Foundation Regional Support Person in Dickinson. 

The Mott-Regent Community Foundation was initially funded in 2012 through the Ishmael & Rose Diede estate.

It is a component fund managed of the North Dakota Community Foundation.

Earnings from the fund are given as grants ever year to organizations that serveMott, Regent and the surrounding area.

The local committee accepts applications each October then decides what are the most urgent needs, what amount to award, and what creates the most impact for that year with-in the Mott-Regent area. 

Applicants must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax exempt groups, government agency, or have a fiscal sponsor with one of those designations.

Applicationscan be found online at www.NDCF/Mott-Regent

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