Tis the season


They walked in two by two.




They followed the star, both down the aisle and up onto the stage.

Brad Mosher

The Herald

And they also were there for a small Mary and Joseph at the manger.

More than 50 children filled up the stage Saturday evening for the annual Nativity Story performance at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in New England.

The telling of the Nativity Story in song and readings from the Bble was also narrated by Marty Opdahl,

For the children the story began by singing the “First Noel, then followed with “O Holy Night,” “Joy to the World,” the “Little Drummer Boy,” Do you hear what I hear?” before concluding with “Hallelujah.”

Retired Pastor Jerry Erickson was impressed with the production. “I thought it was fantastic, really fantastic. The setting was great. The music was great. The kids were super,” he said.

Even though he was in the audience, he had a close connection. “Of those four kids, I married three of the parents,” he added with a chuckle.

It was the city’s mayor, Marty Opdahl, who provided the narration. Even he was impressed with the performance by the members of the Our Redeemers Church School. “

But he was even more impressed by Nancy Bellard, for her direction. “Nancy is an expert with kids. She just does a fantastic job. She is such an asset to have here at the church. She has got the Sunday School program – with Church School on Wednesday.”

He also praised the audience. “The audience was fantastic. That is about as many people as we’ll get in here. It was fantastic participation,” he added.

Before the performance, there was also a meal of Salisbury steaks, mashed potatoes, corn, and jello with cookies for dessert. “It was unbelievable how many people were eating downstairs at the free supper beforehand.

“I believe it is a good a group of kids as we have had, too,” he added.

The church has been putting on the Christmas season performances for many year, the mayor added. “My goodness, I have been in this church since 1968 and they had been some sort of program way before that. You could say it has been since the existence of our church,” he added with a smile.

“The story we told today… that story is more than 2,000 year old.”

For Belland, the performance Saturday was great, especially from her vantage point right in front of the stage.

“It is a tradition (at the church) for Christmas performances. Once in a while, we have done a Christmas play, but the main idea is that God gave us his only son, Jesus.

“That is what we celebrate.

“We enjoy Christmas around here. This was a great production to welcome in the Advent holiday,” Belland added.

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