Local FFA chapter goes on adventure in Belfield

Another exciting FFA adventure took place on Friday, Nov. 30, as the New England eighth grade class and chapter officers made their way to Belfield for the yearly Jr. High Ag day.
There were 16 eighth graders from New England that attended the festivity:
Briyonna Aagard, Molly Wolf, Mathew Bock, Desiree White Cloud, Garret Schenbeck, Hannah Frank, Maddie Rayhorn, Brady Rustan, Justin Kathrein, Madison Kirschemann, Tannis Herald, Braden Cronin, Cadence Madler, Samantha Volk, Jess Schulz, and Bianca Schmidt. The officers consisted of: Eve Stegner, Emily Dinius, Hadley Binstock, Stetson Urlacher, Leah Ehlis, Kayle Ehlis, and Brenna Wert.
Each year selected Officers are taken along to help kids in the shop building projects.
This year Stetson, Emily, and Hadley were the shop helpers and showed the kids how to make a homemade wooden cellphone holder. Each kid got to cut, measure, and stain their own project. Being a hands on and creative activity, it easily got placed as the eighth graders favorite session.
Seven other sessions went on throughout the day showcasing different areas of Ag and FFA activities such as food science, horse judging, wildlife, and an icebreaker session put on by the New England members: Eve, Brenna, Leah, and Kayla.
The second favorite session was a tie between the food science and icebreaker session.
– Brenna Wert

In food science the kids learned how to make homemade ice cream and got to make and eat their own.

The icebreaker session that we put on, was constructed to get kids to branch out and meet the people in their groups from different schools. Different games were played like people black out, sit down stand up, and never have I ever .The point of these games is for the kids to learn random fun facts about each other that can act as conversation starters. Having something to talk about makes making friends an easier task, and one of the best parts of FFA activities is making new friends.

The day was a blast and as we all know time flies when you’re having fun. Before we knew it we were on our way home from a wonderful and eventful day.

A special thanks to our advisor Mr. Krebs for making all these exciting FFA trips happen.

By: Brenna Wert

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