Voting easily tops 60 percent in county

More than two-thirds of the eligible voters in Hettinger County turned out to vote Tuesday, according to unofficial results posted on the Secretary of State’s web site overnight.

Brad Mosher
The Herald
According to the latest results posted Wednesday morning, there were 1,270 ballots cast out of 1,909 eligible voters.
That total beat the statewide turnout of 56.78 percent on Election Day.
In the fight for local positions and with other ballots to be counted, the leaders included included Angela Carlson for the County Commissioner — District 2 position; David Crane for the State’s Attorney job; Jeri Schmidt for the County Auditor/Treasurer; Sylvia Gion for County Recorder/Clerk of the District Court in Hettinger County; Sarah Warner for Hettinger County Sheriff.
In the battle for county commissioner, Carlson was leading with an unofficial total of 656 votes out of 1,195 (54.90 percent), more than 100 ahead of William D. Gion’s 534 votes (44.69 percent). There were five write-in votes.
In the other contested battle on the ballot, for State’s Attorney, it was Crane ahead with 778 votes (69.16 percent) over a write-in total of 347 votes (30.84 percent). The write-in total included the voters who choose the current State’s Attorney, Amy Pikovsky.
Schmidt was unopposed in her bid to stay as the Hettinger County Auditor/Treasurer, like Sylvia Gion in the race for County Recorder/Clerk of District Court and Sarah Warner for the county sheriff post..

Unofficial Results
4 of 4 Precincts reporting
1,270 ballots cast of 1,909 eligible voters

Hettinger County Commissioner
District 2
Angela Carlson 656 54.90%
William D. Gion 534 44.69%
write-ins 5 0.42%

Hettinger County Auditor/Treasurer
Jeri Schmidt 1,123 99.38%
write-ins 7 0.62%

Hettinger County State’s Attorney
David M. Crane 778 69.16%
write-ins 347 30.84%

County Recorder/Clerk of District Court
Sylvia Gion 1,123 99.38%
write-ins 7 0.62%

Hettinger County Sheriff
Sarah Warner 1,042 95.25%
write-ins 52 04.75%

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