County ballot features choices for commissioner, state’s attorney

When it comes to the Hettinger County ballot, on Nov. 6 there will be only a couple of positions being contested.

Angela Carlson and William Gion will be vying to be the county commissioner for District 2, trying to replace current commissioner Rob Larson, who is resigning. Larson’s district covers both the communities of Mott and Regent.

By Brad Mosher

The Herald

In addition, the district also includes the townships of Clark, Rifle, Madison, Black Butte, St. Croix, Farina, Indian Creek, Mott, Aiden, Chilton and Castle Rock. The winner will join John Plaggemeyer (District 1) and Ron Friedt (District 3).

The position of county state’s attorney has only one candidate on the ballot, David Crane, but there is also the current state’s attorney, Amy Pikovsky, who is trying to retain the position as a write-in.

Two other current office holders are on the ballot for their positions – Jeri Schmidt as county auditor/treasurer, and Sylvia Gion as the county recorder and clerk of the district court.

Sarah Warner is on the ballot for County Sheriff.

According to Schmidt, county residents have increased using the ballot by mail system.

In New England, voters can go to the local school to fill out and turn in their ballots.

But, Regent does not have a voting location. “The previous year, I tried the all-mail ballot because it was so hard to find poll workers,” Schmidt explained. “I tried mail ballots with one polling place in Mott. If you wanted to come to the polls, you had to come to Mott.”

The City of New England made a request for a polling place, she said. “Their city board requested if they found enough workers, then we would have a polling place up there in New England.”

The polling place in Mott is at Legion Hall in the County Building, she added.

The county has seen an increase in the use of the mail ballots since the started using them. “We are getting more and more every time.

“In the primary, it was about half that did it by mail,” she said, noting it was an increase over the participation from two years earlier.

For people with additional questions about the election, the ballot or polling places in Hettinger County, contact Schmidt at 701-824-2515.



Legion Hall

County Building

336 Pacific Avenue


New England Public School

1200 Main Street

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