Museum turns 50 years old

It has been 50 years since Dr. Simon W. Hill of Regent donated his Drug Store to the Hettinger County Historical Society in 1968.  After plans to use a different building failed, the Drug Store was the first building owned and used as a museum by the Society which was organized in 1962.

An auction was held after Doc Hill retired and most of his medical possessions were sold. However, many of the items had been purchased by local people and were donated back to the museum and placed in their original locations.  Some of these items included the marble fountain and medical equipment in the drug store. Later when funds were available the Society bought more of the items sold at the auction to be included in the inventory. It was one of 50 Medical Museums in the U.S. at the time of dedication on August 20, 1983.

If you were a Doc Hill baby, one of his patients or a relative of one, please contact the Hettinger County Historical Society with your name, address and story.  Any pictures you could include would also be appreciated.  If you have a story it can be mailed to Hettinger Co. Historical Society, Box 151, Regent, ND 58650, emailed to Do visit our website at  which is currently being updated.  If you can’t write your story but would like to be interviewed, contact them, too.

Throughout the years, grants, city sales tax, county funds and donations are some of the ways the museum has funded their purchases, repairs and upkeep. Numerous volunteers help with the needed repairs, painting and cleaning.  The Doc Hill building was built in 1911 and is now falling into disrepair.  Significant funding is needed to continue allowing tours and to preserve the building.  We are in the process of accessing its preservation. 

A Spring Recognition of this Historic Building is being planned.  Remember to send any Doc Hill baby or patient stories to our museum.

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