Honeyman finds Huntsmen gold in Utah

Former Regent High School basketball coach Curt Honeyman struck gold on a recent trip to Utah.

The farmer won the 55-59 division of the Huntsmen World Senior Games title in one event and added a bronze in another in the St. George-based competition.

By Brad Mosher

The Herald

Honeyman, who played basketball at Regent, Bismarck Junior College and Dickinson State University still finds himself on the court, even after 34 years, and more than a decade after retiring as the Regent coach in 2007.

It wasn’t the first time that Honeyman had found success in St. George.

“Two years ago, I won my age division in the same contest. I tied another individual from California,” he said.

“I didn’t go last year because my daughter was due at the time,” he said.

“This year, I was able to go and I won the gold medal again.”

The event that brought gold was attempting to score on 25 free throws and six three-point shots. The free throws are worth one point and the three-pointers are worth, of course, three, so a perfect score would be 43.

“I was near-perfect. I made 23 out of 25 free throws and five out of six three-pointers for a score of 38,” Honeyman said.

The Huntsmen Games has 31 different sports with people competing from 36 different countries and a total of 11,000 athletes competing, he added.

“Two years ago, I scored 37 points. This year, I bettered it by one.

“One of the coolest things that happened was the guy that I tied two years ago is two years older than me.

“Now, I am 58 and he is 61. He moved up to the 60-64 division,” Honeyman said.

“Nobody had gotten a perfect score until James Pauley of Chula Vista did it. After 32 years, he got the first perfect score ever. It was kind of cool to shake his hand and talk to him after he had accomplished that.”

The level of competition impressed Honeyman at the games. “He has made 891 free throws in a row. That is the most he has ever made. He’s also made 91 three-pointers in a row at different shooting contests,” the Regent resident said.

What even impressed the former Regent basketball coach even more was the competitive nature of some of the older competitors.

There was a lot of amazing shooters there. In the 80 to 84 division, there was one individual that made all of his free throws (Duane Shaw of Kansas City). He didn’t make all of his three-pointers, but 25 out of 25 free throws isn’t bad for an 82-year old. In the 90 to 94 division, there was one guy that made 18 out of 25 free throws. That is pretty impressive at 90,” Honeyman said.

“I got to see a lot of elderly athletes who were very good.”

Honeyman also got the silver medal in the one minute timed shooting contest they call the “Hot Shot Contest.”

“Two years ago I didn’t place in that, so I was happy to get the silver medal this time around,” he added.

Honeyman said he already is planning for another trip to St. George next October.

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