Baesler Praises ND Students’ ACT Results

State School Superintendent Kirsten Baesler announced Oct. 19 that North Dakota’s most recent high school graduates ranked fourth on their average composite score on the ACT, a widely used college entrance exam.

The rankings compared student scores in 19 states that require all high school students to take the ACT. In that group, North Dakota students finished in the top five in ratings of students who were considered college-ready in English, reading, mathematics and science, according to an ACT report that was made public this week.

“I’m proud of the fact that when you compare the 19 states that require all of their 11th graders to take the ACT exam, that North Dakota ranks in the top five in English, mathematics, reading and science,” Baesler said.

North Dakota students had an average composite ACT score of 20.3, which tied the state of Ohio as the fourth-highest score. The top state was Minnesota (21.3), followed by Wisconsin (20.5) and Utah (20.4).

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