There is NO justification for measure 3

Dear Editor,

I knew it! It was inevitable! Just moments after medical marijuana was approved, the backers of legal marijuana began their push toward legalization.

What is wrong with the people of North Dakota? Have they become so anxious and depressed that they need marijuana to get high and hope this will solve their problems? Have they lost their ability to communicate and to cope with the pressures of life? It’s time for them to grow up and act like responsible adults!

A recent letter to the editor stated that -the people of North Dakota deserve it.” I don’t deserve it and I don’t want it! A Mr. Hanson stated. (Bismarck Tribune 12-26-2017) and he was certainly exaggerating, in saying -study after study show high potential.” Potential of what? Addicting the thousands who will use it and move on to the harder drugs as “study after study” has shown? Adding more traffic deaths as occurred in Colorado? Their traffic deaths increased 151% after legalization! Like affecting the developing newborn brain because of mothers smoking when pregnant or nursing? It does cross into breast milk! -Study after study” shows that marijuana drugs affect the neurotransmitters in the developing fetal and newborn brain and these changes are probably permanent. It is NOT okay to use marijuana when pregnant or nursing!

I have two articles that indicate marijuana may cause chromosome breakage. Who knows what birth defects this could cause? Why take a chance? Another study showed that what a person is exposed to now (example: meth, marijuana, pesticides, etc.), those effects may not show up for four generations (80+ years).

More and more children are showing up in ER departments from eating products (cookies, candies, etc.) containing cannabinoids. There has been a 34 percent increase in pediatric hospitalizations.

North Dakota may benefit a little bit monetarily from the sales tax on recreational marijuana but at what cost? There will be an increase in motor vehicle deaths (you can count on that!), further addictions to “harder” drugs, broken families, bankruptcies, mothers unable to care for their children, school drop outs and increases in crime are some of the costs of legalizing marijuana.

With the legalization, we will now have to add another type of impaired driver on our roads. Now we will have to watch for the speeders, the “drunk”. the -druggie-. the -texter-, the “road rager”, and now the marijuana impaired driver.

A lot of people will say, “don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it.” Why would I even want to try it? I personally cannot fathom why anyone wants to experiment with mind altering drugs now days. Even the use of medical marijuana is still very controversial as to whether it helps or not. A recent article (JAMA 4-15-2017) stated “there is no evidence for most of the claims about medical marijuana.” If you like having evidence on which to base recommendations to a patient, it is really not available. No one knows how to dose medical marijuana as its strength varies from plant to plant. The THC is more concentrated than even a few years ago. This depends on the strain of the plant. where it was grown, the fertilizer used. the time and concentration of the “grow” lights and the type of manufacturing process. among other things.

Mr. Hanson (quoted earlier) said “no one has ever died from a marijuana overdose.” He failed to mention the deaths caused by -stoned- drivers or its use as a startup drugs to more potent and lethal drugs and their overdosing.

In other words, there is NO justification for Measure 3 on the ballot. Please get educated on what Measure 3 says and what marijuana does to the body and the brain and vote NO on Measure 3!

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