County Responders Train for Emergency Event at School

On October 12, First Responders and county officials will be conducting a training and exercise event which will focus on handling violent situations at the school.   This event will take place at the New England school in the afternoon hours.


Local, State and Federal agencies from the area will all be involved in the training and practice response. Responders will include law enforcement, EMS, Fire Departments, and the New England school. There will be patients made up with simulated injuries for the exercise.


Photo and video opportunities will be provided for, and interviews can be conducted during this session by experts in the field. For Safety reasons, we ask that any media person coming to the scene contact a Heartland staff member on site to sign in, and to receive a vest to wear in the secured area. Heartland staff will escort you into the secured area to retrieve photos, video, and interviews.


For more information and time frames for this event please contact the person at the number listed above.


These programs are being sponsored by a Homeland Security grant secured by Hettinger County Emergency Management office, and is being coordinated and facilitated by Heartland Consulting Group from Bismarck.


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