Senior Information Helps Citizens in SW North Dakota

The Regional Council on Aging had their regular meeting in Dickinson on Monday, October 8. Programs and information for the southwest counties in the state were made available to those attending.

Flu and pneumonia shots are now available. Also, if you have had one of the newer Shingles vaccines, remember to schedule your second one in 2 to 6 months. They are short of vaccine and folks who are in line for the second short have priority over those who are just beginning the series.

There is an Eldercare study underway on rural areas, what is needed or lacking in nutrition, as there will be changes in the Older Americans Act that was made into law in 1965. Study info should available next September.

It is important to sign up for Medicare before you are 65. If you don’t, you can be fined annually FOR LIFE. It will come out of your social security check. Do it. And Tell folks you know about this if they are getting close to 65.

It is time to sign up and do the counseling or enrolling in Medicare D. Folks are available to help at DSC Biesiot Activities Center at 398 State Ave. in Dickinson on Tuesday, October 23 from 9 to 4 p.m. If your plan changes its formularies, it could no longer cover some of your medications. If this happens, it could cost you more than necessary. Check it out.

We are fortunate. In other parts of the state fewer small towns offer meals for seniors. Southwest North Dakota has many areas that have this service. We should take advantage of this. Mott, New England and Regent are all offering meals to senior citizens certain days of the week. In the southwest region of North Dakota the number of meals served is increasing. Check it out for nutrition and good visiting. Senior Centers also offer other interesting social activities.

Leslie Ross is the new liaison for Veteran Services. If you are a Vet and have been denied care in the past, contact her at 701- 290-1184. Perhaps it could work for you now.

Tara Bieber offered suggestions on how to beat the Holiday Blues for the season approaching. Helping family and friends and volunteering are great mood lifters. A phone call, chat over coffee, or emails and greeting cards can brighten your mood. Get plenty of fresh air. Be kind to yourself. Drink responsibly. Excessive drinking only makes you feel more depressed.

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