Getting to know the candidates

An evening to meet and greet with the two candidates for County Commissioner was well received on September 25, 2018 in the Enchanted Castle of Regent.

By Marlene Kouba

Both candidates gave an overview of what they would they have done and what they would like to see in the future for Hettinger County. Both candidates are Regent natives, graduated from Regent High School and live on neighboring farms in the area but have diverse working experiences and backgrounds.

Angela “Angie” Carlson said she had been in every township and learned about many problems with the roads, side roads and even muddy roads. She learned about wind turbines that are located in the northern part of the county and found that they make noise. Economic growth is a priority as people who come here drive around and need a place to shop, to stay and to eat. She does a lot of volunteering and is on several boards. She is married to Bob Carlson.

William “Bill” Gion stated that people are upset with government at all levels. Years ago young people couldn’t find land to farm so they left and have not returned. Now more land is available but people are gone and farms have grown larger. You take a school out of a town and you take away its hearts. He is one of the youngest in St. Henry’s Catholic Church. We need to keep and bring back some of our young people. Our county has 32 townships and 3000 people. Who will pay the taxes for infrastructure or law enforcement? We need to communicate better. His wife’s name is Jean and they have 4 adult children.

These candidates will be on the ballot in November. One of them will replace Robert Larson and serve with Ron Friedt and John Plaggemeyer on the board. Be sure to vote in the election and cast your vote for one of them.

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