Bulding project needed

During the next several weeks, we will continue to provide more information regarding the need for this proposed building project. We have scheduled Public Input meetings on October 17th, and November 1stto be held in the gymnasium starting at 6:30 PM. We will provide more financial information and gather more input from the community and hopefully answer a few questions you may have regarding this proposal.

Kelly Koppinger

One question we have heard is enrollment. Below is a chart showing our enrollment trends from 1976. In 1976, our enrollment totaled 300 students. Currently, we are at 298 students and for a short couple of days we had 301 students enrolled.

Since 1976, we have had to add Pre-school, Kindergarten, Title I, Special Education, Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Computer Education Courses, Distance Learning, After School Programs, Drug and Alcohol Education, Character Education, Talented and Gifted Education, Technology Education, Financial Literacy Education, Suicide Awareness Education, Mental Health Education, Career Education, etc. The list goes on and on.

Many of these programs require a room of their own. Since 1976 we have added four classrooms and expanded our Library. Currently, we don’t have a room left to expand any program. Furthermore, we can’t split classes that may need to be split.

No generation of teachers and administrators in the history of education has been asked to fulfill the mandates handed down by the national and state level. Each year, the burden grows, and more mandates are handed down.

Social and economic conditions compel us to unfold the full potential of every child. Now every student must graduate, and every student must be prepared to thrive and prosper in a complex, changing society. This is a job for all of us. Everyone, young and old, has a stake in this effort. Everyone in the community must come together and help remove the obstacles to student success. This is the most important enterprise of our time.

We need your support in our pursuit of expanding our building. We have reached our capacity within our current space.

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