Combo celebration fills Broken Brick

A combination birthday and anniversary party filled the Broken Brick with family from as far away as Las Vegas Saturday afternoon.

The celebration was for Ron and Jean Wold.

Brad Mosher

“We decided to have one big party while it was still nice out,” daughter Pam Schmid explained as she manned the guest book by the door.

It was a late celebration for their birthdays, but early for the 60th wedding anniversary, she explained. “Mom was born on July 26 and dad was on Aaugust 8th.”

It was the wedding anniversary which kind of forced the children to be creative for their celebration, the daughter said. “It is December 27.”

To get as many family members and grandkids to come, there had to be a little creativity, she explained.

She considered the 80/60 celebration a success, bringing more than 60 friends and relatives to New England for Saturday’s special event.

“My brothers and I decided last year to hold it. We knew it was coming up and we knew we had to do something, so we just decided to have a big party for the birthdays and the anniversary,” she added.

Schmid came to New England from Sioux Falls in South Dakota. My brother lives in Williston.”

But it was a niece coming from Las Vegas who traveled the most distance, Schmid said. “Mom’s niece came from Vegas. Others came from Jamestown, Williston, Dickinson, Denver, Mandan and more, she added.

The Broken Brick was chosen for a good reason, the daughter said. “They come here all the time.

“So we thought it would be a good place to hold it.”

It was family ties which brought the Wolds to New England several years ago, “They came here in about the last seven years. Mom’s sister lives by Regent, so it was probably that and her mom and dad were still alive until about two years ago when he got to be 100 and he lived in Dickinson,” the daughter explained.

As far as the focus of the party, it was special having all the family members and friends come to New England.

“I thought it was very very good. It was a way bigger turnout than I expected,” Jean Wold said.

The children came up with the plan for the party and told the parents two months ago, Wold explained. Her sons,Todd, Mark and Brad, all still live in Williston, while their daughter lives in Sioux Falls.

“We really didn’t want anything done but they insisted,” Wold said. “It was a very, very nice party and got to see people we hadn’t seen for years, so it was very nice.”

The couple moved into New England about a decade ago, buying a home from her sister. “My sister had a house for sale, so we just bought it from her.

“It is a nice little town,” she added.

With their actual 60th wedding anniversary coming up in December, Wold said that this time, especially after Saturday’s party, it will be no big deal.

Although, she did joke about wanting 60 more.

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