Meet The Candidates

What would you like to see changed in Hettinger County?  The two candidates for Hettinger County Commissioner, Angela Carlson and William Gion, both of Regent will be available for you to meet and greet in person.  

By Marlene Kouba

They will be the featured speakers in the Enchanted Castle in Regent on Tuesday, September 25, 2018. Listen to their views and plans for the future of the county and then you will have a chance to ask them questions.

The election is less than two months away and one of them will be elected to the three-person board, taking the place of retiring Robbie Larson. The other commissioners are John Plaggemeyer and Ron Friedt.

This is an informational meeting and not a debate.  The public is welcome to attend and bring a friend with you.  This meeting is being sponsored by the Hettinger County Farm Bureau, Carson Kouba, President.

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