Hettinger County 4-Hers give strong showing in the MPU No. 10 District Communication Arts contest

The Hettinger County 4-H’ers finish strong in the 2017 MPU No. 10 District Communication Arts Contest, hosted by Slope County, held in New England, ND on May 31, 2017.  The MPU#10 is made up of the following counties:  Bowman, Adams, Hettinger, Slope, Stark/Billings, Golden Valley and Dunn.

Back Row: (L to R) Madee Eikamp, Kayla and Leah Ehlis. Middle Row: (L to R) Timothy(TJ Gaab), Megan Hill, MaryJane Mayer. Front Row: (L to R) Piper Kindt, Cassandra Kindt.
(Courtesy Photo)

The 4-H Communication Arts program helps participants develop communication skills that are useful throughout a lifetime; provides participants an opportunity to practice their skills before a group; provides participants an opportunity to gather and organize information, equipment and props for public presentation; develops participants’ confidence in making public presentations; and evaluates and enhances communication skills.

Each county holds their own local Communication Arts contest prior to the District contest and the blue ribbon winners from those contest move onto the District level.  This year there was 31 youth participants entered in 26 events.

There are three age divisions.  The senior division is for grades 7-12, junior division is for grades 3-6 and Cloverbud division is for youth ages 5-7.  The senior and junior divisions are eligible to qualify for state competition by earning a blue ribbon (first place) ranking within their competition category.

The senior division winners were the following:  Video Production – Nora Larson – Adams County, Serious Interpretative Reading – Madee Eikamp – Hettinger County, Humorous Interpretive Reading – Sydnee Anderson – Hettinger County, Humorous Interpretive Duo – Kayla and Leah Ehlis – Hettinger County, and Short Take – Kaden Schauer – Adams County.  Honorable Mention recipients were the following:  Humorous Interpretive Duo – Megan Hill and Mary Jane Mayer – Hettinger County.  Participant Ribbons recipients went to the following: Chesnee Wagner – Stark/Billings County and Rachael Larson – Stark Billings County.

The junior division winners were the following:  Illustrated Talk – Samantha Fitterer – Slope County, Demonstration – Laela Jensen – Adams County, Dramatic Presentation Duo – Kelly Schauer and Kayla Schauer – Adams County, Serious Interpretive Reading – Kestrel Damjanovich – Adams County, and Humorous Dramatic Presentation – Timothy (TJ) Gaab – Hettinger County.  Honorable Mention recipients were the following:  Demonstration – Garett Bargmann – Stark/Billings County, Dramatic Presentation Duo – Erica Havelka and Sophia Kennedy – Adams County, and Olivia Havelka an Joclyn Wolf – Adams County.

Each Cloverbud participant received recognition as the Cloverbud division is a non-competitive division and is a platform for younger children to become familiar with public speaking.  The following Cloverbuds all did a fantastic job:  From Hettinger County – Cassandra Kindt and Piper Kindt, From Slope County – Max Fitterer, Sierra Fitterer, From Adams County – Kortney Schauer, Jaeda Jensen and From Stark/Billings County – Hadley Talkington and Stetson Bargmann.

The winners are invited to the ND State Contest, which will be held at the Minot State Fair on July 23, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. central time.

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